門、洞、旅者、時間 A door, a hole, a traveler, and a bit of time…#KAFKA特輯









「一定要許可嗎? 沒有別的辦法嗎?」




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攻殼機動隊Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. _ Long-Standin’ A Compleχ #18yrs回顧


….於是,在不久之後,所謂的虛與實…將會突然間只剩下一絲若有所意、若無所意的分界…用來掩飾虛實已然的歸零。而這掩飾是真在掩飾個什麼,還是只是假裝有在掩飾呢? 何不看入真假之間相隔的這一縷細隙,看看裏面是否若有若無地蘊藏著什麼…



在未來,在流變中的一刻,人體將會發展至能夠透過各種大小手術來改造、開拓、解構,順而能與更為先進的電子設備相容、通用、合為一體…消解彼此的限界。固然由此人的所言、所思與所行~包括接受的資訊、產生的情感與各種想得起、想不起的記憶,全都可以透過電子網絡系統做內外雙向/多向的傳輸與操控…甚至還得建構防壁系統以防駭客入侵。因此,你我所知的電腦、大腦…將成歷史~剩下一個字…腦…之後只會剩得更少。如此環境之下,思考判斷,邏輯與時空觀,又將會是如何的模樣? 知識、智慧、思想、生命、存在…到時該知什麼、為什麼而知…又該從何溯知呢?





在近未來的世代,遊戲與戲劇,也將不再有所差異。我的意思是,很快地遊戲和戲劇兩者,將會結合、複合、融合成為一項單純的“戲”而已,之後也只會更加模糊,當然所謂的「鏡頭」也將不再具體實存,甚至將會象徵更多、取代更多。而這其中還包括我們今日所知所見的「動漫」與「真人」的表演…這也只會愈來愈無差別~ 你將分辨不出哪些角色與場景是人工繪作,哪些是程式演算而來的,哪些是真實取景的,哪些又是混合複合體。更正,你將不需分辨。





….…有一天當我們都老了,或許會懷念起曾經過往的時代…那可是現實世界與漫畫小說還是有所分別的時代呢! 也是戲裏角色與戲外的自己仍有所不同的時代。

說不定,你我多少還會憶起…記得曾經有那麼一部動畫吧! 講的故事都是這些有的沒有的小問題~早已不是問題的問題…而且在我們小時候啊,這部早就精準預言了當今的種種,未來種種。記得這部動畫名字叫做…

~/ Ghost in the Shell / 攻 殼 機 動 隊 _


how nostalgic!

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生無所欲,老無所懼 #TooOldToDieYoung


導演Nicolas Winding Refn (落日車神唯神能恕霓虹惡魔…etc.)今年的新作 _ TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG_老無所懼 (以下簡稱TOTDY),是一部透過Amazon Prime影音平台於線上發行的劇集…更確切地說是合計十幾小時的極長篇電影。TOTDY敘述洛城小警Martin Jones受環境所迫成為職業殺手後,所發生的一連串瘋狂殘酷歷程。

此劇實然流著新黑色電影(Neo-Noir)的血液,因此富含垃圾小說(pulp novels)、犯罪偵探、黑幫類型故事等等題材,並還結合各種邪典、超現實、異教元素,更佐以實驗性的敘事手法和大膽的影像風格,構述出一個耽美與超暴力並行的乖戾世界,並且此一世界無不映現著現實現況…以導演Refn與共同編劇Ed Brubaker特有的思路所見…


#NSFW #SPOILER 聲明與瀏覽方式(網頁版請按我展開)


本文所附影像略含血腥&成人畫面,請斟酌+慎入;內文敘述含有劇透內容,建議觀賞完本劇再來;註:本文為特製版面,圖文皆至800px寬度,所以13吋以上螢幕瀏覽為佳,手機不okay。20190722 文章剛完成,內容錯字修訂中敬請見諒。


#ENG 20190808 Preface and explanation
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This post is all about Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest work Too Old Too Die Young. I will go through episode-by-episode with synopsis and selected screenshots. So far Vol.1 to Vol.5 are done, the rest will be finished…in time.

#Taiwan Apart from the preface, this post is solely written in Taiwanese Mandarin #zh-tw with characters, lexicons and dialects commonly used in Taiwan. Thus it might not be the kind of Chinese language you think it is, and might not be fluently translated with Google or other web interfaces. Also keep in mind that the writing style here could be quite ‘idiosyncratic’ sometimes even to readers who speak my language. It’s because this is a creative writing blog prone to be experimental, not a usual (and generic) film review site you’d expect.

So what we have here is a TV series challenging to general viewers and the writing of it challenging to its readers. Well, what can I say? Have fun!

I’m also working on an overall afterthoughts section for TOTDY but I want to put it within 2019’s film-digging list instead. It’s gonna take some time to finish since I still have a couple thoughts to sidle in.

#SoooUnderTheRadar And AFAICT Too Old To Die Young is far yet to be well-known (or just known) to Asia’s Chinese-speaking viewers in general. It’s just all so quiet this time, unlike Refn’s last three films…that all have made it to Cannes. Yeah, Cannes. People here REALLY dig that. For an art-house(-esque) film, local or international, winning an award is pure survival here. It’s how you make it to theaters and to the crowd. So with publicity so modest and so minimal, I expect TOTDY to gradually gather a prominent cult-following pretty much exclusive to the west (wait, cult-following in the streaming era!? Hey that’s super cool! Neo-cult!). And before that happens, no way the show’s gonna gain any popularity here.

#ThisBlog Also, film lovers like myself and my peers that are unanimously into Harmony Korine, Gaspar Noé, Lynch, Jodorowsky, Ferrara and Refn are ridiculously unorthodox and invisible to this side of the world. Subversiveness and esotericism are thinner than air here and that is a problem. Although we are just too insignificant to the ‘market’, we are around. Always around. Some making auteur-driven films too. So my blog in its entirety is for these tough unorthodox mudafakas. It’s not for the mass. No. Too Old To Die Young is too badass for that too 😎


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“Make up a story… For our sake and yours forget your name in the street; tell us what the world has been to you in the dark places and in the light. Don’t tell us what to believe, what to fear. Show us belief’s wide skirt and the stitch that unravels fear’s caul.” ― Toni Morrison (February 18, 1931 – August 5, 2019), The Nobel Lecture In Literature speech, 1993


A Legend Transitioned Today.
RIP to one of the Greatest Writers to Ever Do It.

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