Techonopois #7 : World Beyond The World, Echoes Upon Echoes


“A new music is a new mind.”
― William Carlos Williams

“Thoughts like bells rang in my ears each day
Bells hidden in the rooftops
Sunny Blue or cloudy gray
But that sky does not determine
The way I think our kisses were
And somehow when I  mention you
I always think of  her. " ー Arthur Russell (p89)


質樸的農夫、忠於自我的民謠歌手、多元實驗的好手、迷夢般的聲語、極緻狂喜的Disco舞韻…永生的少年詩人,這些皆是Arthur Russell,與他的音樂,如一整個世界般遼闊無垠的迴響續鳴…

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